JD for short, Jeremiah, proper.  Mostly a cam op  -films, commercials, docs, weddings, tv, events-  in the video world and produce a bit on my own under (nF).


Attitude is everything. At least that’s part of the idea that IW is founded upon. Tired of hearing, “you don’t belong here” and  “you should move to LA” when I had my reasons for staying here in Indy. One of which – Hollywood is dead. Aside from the beach, the weather and that progressive attitude – wait, we don’t have the last one here either.  That’s just part of the challenge. Left to its own devices, things wouldn’t change around here.


Right now. 15


I love light, the lack of light.  I love the dark.  I love art, expression.  It’s real.  I think it’s important, historical.  Documenting a given moment in the span of our lives.  Mary Ellen Mark, Diane Arbus, Irving Penn – black and white legends. Portraiture. Simple principles of art and design with a touch of human emotion.

There are a lot of general reasons; Even personal reasons;  it’s fun, it scares me, I need an outlet, it’s an extension of me, it’s a challenge,


Indy. Indianapolis. Indiana. Where I’ve probably spent too much time…

And that’s why,